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Retirement and Estate Planning in Surrey

When you have worked hard all your life and are planning to retire, you need to plan it properly so you can enjoy it without worries. This is where Schmidt Berg, Chartered Professional Accountants, comes into the picture. If you have been planning your retirement for a long, then you would have contributed to the Canada pension plan or your Canada RRSP retirement savings throughout your career. Our retirement planners will help you calculate how much you have saved and update you with changes. Along with retirement planning, we also help you manage your estate planning in Surrey and throughout BC. Contact us today for more information.

What Is Estate Planning?

Estate planning covers many aspects, such as legal documents and arrangements for your family. It may encompass a range of items, from a living will for healthcare during incapacity to a will after death, naming an executor to implement your wishes, choosing a guardian for minor children, and more. Increasingly, experts are considering digital assets (e.g., Bitcoin, social media accounts) and cherished pets in estate planning.

Estate Planning Checklist

Estate planning may seem intimidating, but it's important to start by considering your goals and desires. Taking the time to make these fundamental decisions beforehand can simplify the process and save resources. Some questions to consider:

  • Who do you wish to provide for after your death?

  • What assets do you own, and how do you want them distributed or allocated?

  • Who is your primary beneficiary, and who would be the alternate if something happened to that person?

  • Who do you want to serve as guardian for your minor children, and have they agreed to be the guardian?

  • Who will decide in your place if you cannot due to illness or injury?

Writing a will may seem complex and cumbersome, but it's a simple legal document that outlines key responsibilities. You don't need to include your net worth or extensive lists, but the more information you provide your executor, the easier it will be for them to carry out their duties.


Our retirement planning services include:

Canada pension plan advice

Retirement savings

Pension buyout tips

Estate planning and estate tax

Retirement planning

Inheritance tax and probate fees

Trust account

Tax-free savings (TFSA Canada)

We also offer other services, including corporate taxes, personal taxes, and estate taxes. Connect with us for more information!

Guidance for Your Retirement

Our retirement planning experts can help you understand:

Probate fees (sometimes called “inheritance tax”)

Your Canada pension plan

Estate tax

Trust account

Retirement savings (Canada RRSP)


Plan Your Retirement

Secure your future with retirement and estate planning. Discuss with our CPA.

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