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Get comprehensive and trusted Chartered Professional Accountancy services across Surrey and its surrounding areas for close to 50 years.

Schmidt Berg: Chartered Professional Accountants in Surrey

Whether it’s the end, beginning, or middle of a financial year or not, we all need professional accounting services to help us sort through our finances. From filing taxes to applying for tax deductions and planning everyday finances, there is a wide spectrum of financial planning activities we need professional assistance. If you are looking for chartered accountants in Surrey or throughout BC, look no further than Schmidt Berg, Chartered Professional Accountants. Our professional and highly experienced team of qualified CPAs can help you prudently deal with the labyrinth of BC and Canadian tax laws. We can help your business grow with accounting, bookkeeping, and personal & corporate tax planning. Our passion for excellence and outstanding consultation services have helped us successfully manage the finances and taxes of numerous Surrey clients over the last 50 years. Contact us today for all your tax and accounting needs.

Why Choose Us

To have a thriving business or a stable personal life, it is crucial to manage your corporate or personal finances carefully. Schmidt Berg, a Chartered Professional Accountant, is committed to helping individuals and businesses in the region to prosper by virtue of smart financial planning. Keep reading to know why you must choose us for planning all your finances:

  • Comprehensive services: We have provided various accounting services to our clients throughout British Columbia. Right from personal and corporate tax return preparation to retirement and estate planning, we provide our clients with unmatchable services.

  • Quality services: We focus on providing you with specific information and sound financial advice that you need to make the best financial decisions.

  • Long experience: In the past 5 decades, we have come across and handled almost every financial challenge that could exist. So, rest assured you will get a perfect solution to every issue you may be facing.

  • Long-lasting partnerships: All our staff and partners have a long-term commitment to the firm (with us for 10 to 30 years). Such committed and strong associations have helped us earn business stability and our client’s trust. 

  • Trustworthy: We charge very reasonable fees for our work and offer a 100% guarantee on our services.

  • Serving clients’ diverse needs: Our clients range from individuals to those with big business ventures that include small commercial fishing to large-scale construction. We have catered to such varying needs with undying efficiency throughout all these years.

When you approach us for financial advice, we patiently listen to your financial queries and needs and work according to your means. Call or visit us to consult our chartered professional accountants in and around Surrey.

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If you are a business owner who has accumulated wealth and needs accounting advice, you will need help with good tax planning. Trust Schmidt Berg, Chartered Professional Accountants, for sound and effective financial advice in Surrey. We offer services that include corporate, personal, and estate tax. We also assist in setting up estate trusts and financial and retirement planning. If you are an individual or a small business corporation looking to manage your financial statements preparation, year-end tax planning, and personal and corporate taxes, call us or email us to schedule your appointment. We look forward to working with you and guiding you in your financial journey.

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